Our Mission

It is our goal to promote the general wellness of our patients by providing our best preventive and restorative care in an environment of hospitality within the context of lasting doctor-patient relationship. Oral Health
Your oral wellness is essential to your overall physical health and social well-being. We are committed to helping our patients in the following ways:

Proper Diagnoses
The best care comes in the context of an overall plan, which is formulated specifically for you. Your needs will be thoroughly assessed and discussed with you.

The most important part of your dental care is what you do for yourself at home. We are committed to teaching you effective techniques to care for mouth regularly at home.
We stress the importance of regular dental exams and cleaning as well as the use of fluoride and sealants when needed.

Our focus is to provide you with the most appropriate treatment for YOU. We will work with you to provide treatment options which restore your dental health, function, natural appearance.
We work closely with trusted dental specialists and your physician, when needed, to make sure you get the best possible results.

Your physical and emotional comfort throughout your dental care are very important to us. We are pleased that we have helped many patients overcome their dental anxiety, which has allowed them to receive the care they greatly needed. We are ready to listen and respond to concerns you may have in this area.

Lasting Dentist-Patient Relationships
Having multiple generations of families as patients is a true joy. We are pleased that so many of our patients entrust us with caring for their family members and friends. Commitment to building lasting dental relationships is a hallmark our our practice.